Sea side Circuit

 Bodily sensation speed 150km/h!

 Enjoy the feeling of a racing driver
   on the genuine rental kart track!

 About 8 min (5 min track time record)

 We will supply you with: a helmet, gloves and shoes.
 (free rental)
 ※Balaclavas available to buy for only ¥500.


Membership registration fee ¥300
(First time only)

Enjoy the feeling of a racing driver
   (reissue the membership card ¥300)

Go kart for adults
 Men ¥2,200
 Women ¥1,600
 ※Accident insurance included
The go kart is suitable
  for drivers over the age of 13 and over 1.45m tall.
※You will have to start off with a full safety briefing
    if you have not got a car driving license.

2 Seater Go Kart

 Price  ¥2,900 Accident insurance included
  Car driving licence holder
  Over the age of 6

Junior Go Kart
 Price   ¥1,600
  The go kart is suitable for drivers
   over the age of 7 and over 1.20m tall.

Kids Go Kart

 Price  ¥500 ※Not covered by accident insurance
  Membership registration fee is not necessary
  The go kart is suitable for drivers over the age of 3

A book of tickets
 【For Men】
   6 tickets ¥1,1000 ※about ¥2,000 off
  13 tickets ¥22,000 ※about ¥6,000 off
【For Women and Junior】
   3 tickets ¥4,300 ※about ¥500 off
   6 tickets ¥7,500 ※about ¥2,000 off
【For Kids】
   6 tickets ¥2,500 about ¥500 off

  Group Race

Sprint race package
(exclusive use of the track)

 Booking is not necessary
 (All drivers must have go kart experience)
 Minimum 5 drivers, Price ¥6,500 per personr
 5 min qualifying session
 10 min Sprint Race for all drivers

Exclusive use of the track

 Minimum 6 go karts
 Please ask us for weekends and holidays usage
  ※Necessary to book 1 week in advance
【1 hour plan】
 ¥14,500 per go kart
【2 hour plan】
¥23,000 per go kart
 ※necessary to join accident insurance ¥300 per person
 ※All prices include tax.

Contact & Booking

Sea Side Circuit

 Open 365 days 9:00 - 21:00
  〒479-0882, Rinku town 2-20-3,
  Tokoname city, Aichi Pref., Japan
 Train ● Rinku Tokoname Station
        (Meitetsu Airport Line)
        → Just near the station
  Car ● Chita Odan Road (Centrair Line) Rinku IC
        → Just near Rinku IC entrance crossing






営業時間:10:00 ~ 21:00



Rinku town 2-20-3,okoname city, Aichi Pref.,
In AEON MALL Tokoname
Approximately one hour from Nagoya
Near Chubu International Airport Centrair!
Nishitetsu Airport Line "Rinku Utsunomichi Station"
Intellectual transit road center
Near "Rinku IC Exit"